Ujamaa Christian Poetry

When the World Will End

Dear friends, no one will know
when this World will end!
That time is taken care of by God;
His great power He will spend!

What a magnificent day it will be
when everything will be revealed!
The answers will be given when the
Book of Life will no longer be sealed!

I pray that it will come soon and I
believe a Spring day would be great!
Seeing Jesus coming down to us, we
will be in Glorious love with no hate!

But this poem does not have the full
information when this world will end!
I do know that God started it all and
by His Command, Jesus He will send!

Pray my friends that you and your family
will be prepared for that awesome time!
Yes, my friends hold on to Jesus and
your eternity you will surely find!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry