Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Word Of Love Ujamaa

Our precious Lord gives us many languages in which
To spread His love in every way.
I know of a Swahili word that means love by what
It has to say.

The word is Ujamaa it means familyhood, brotherhood,
and sisterhood.
What a wonderful word it is and it's totally
one-hundred percent good.

If the people of the world lived their lives by what
Ujamaa means, we'd love one another.
For then all of us would be together - each of us a
sister or a brother.

The Lord desires that we be of one spirit and not hate
each other or distrust.
My friends, I tell you right now - a family held
together by the Lord is a must!

Lets be of one big family and love each other all that
we possibly can.
Ujamaa is definitely a word that each of us in the
Lord's love should understand. Amen.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry