Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Having Patience Is Not Easy

Dear friends, here on Earth we have
limitations of what each of us can do.
Those of us who have little patience
have a harder life and this is true.

Some roads we travel are easier than
others and in that there is no doubt.
We can't let the world's problems get the
best of us or we can't figure any thing out!

Having patience in this world is no easy task
and we must pray for it all of the time!
Then the Lord will have a chance to put
some peace back into our stressed mind.

Life is not going to always be the way we
want it to be - we will face many trials!
But if we believe that the Lord is always
helping us--we can learn to wear smiles.
I will write what our Lord said; "I am with you
always, I am the light of the World
(every day)."
That means we are to take heart and know the
Lord puts patience in our hearts if we pray!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry