Ujamaa Christian Poetry

We Must Celebrate!

We celebrate Jesus, it seems to me, twice a year.
His birth at Christmas and at Easter His death and rebirth.
I don't want to be "a stick in the mud" but
we need to realize our dear Jesus' real worth.

Jesus came to die for our sins, and Oh! We have
misused Him in so many ways.
Many people go to church on Christmas and Easter,
they worship and praise Jesus on just those two days.

Come one! Come all! We can do better than that.
Let the Good News of salvation be preached aloud!
Let those sometimes Christians live for our dear Jesus.
Let us be like Him a loving, humble and forgiving crowd.

We didn't live, die and live again - only Jesus
suffered and died for our every sin.
Can't you see the pure love given to us by Jesus,
each and every day, so we can live again.

So Jesus, only two days a year will you
see so many of us in church.
And for the other 363 days of the year,
to find those folks, you'll have to search.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry