Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Now You Know

Dear friends, This Easter may we praise Jesus
and let Jesus know how much we love Him.
What a wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ is;
He died for us so God can forgive our sin.

We of the faith know just how much Jesus
loves us - it's beyond our words, though we try.
Every Easter Morning, let us make the
Sunrise Service special - God's praises, we cry.

There were many people crying at Jesus' cross
After He was taken down, they went back home.
On the third day though, Jesus rose from the tomb,
those who witnesssed knew they would never be alone.

We have the same spirit and faith as they had,
Jesus is our Savior and we love Him so.
Let us exalt, honor and praise His name, just
in-case you had never heard - now you know!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry