Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Our Jesus and Easter

Our Jesus spent his life on us, then for us He died.
Our Jesus during His life loved us and at times cried.
He did all the miracles for the glory for His Father.
He prayed for us when He need not even bother.

Today we give special praise to Jesus, our Savior.
Today again and again He changes people's behavior.
Let us daily give Jesus all our love - not just one day.
Let us not on Easter do what we want our own way.

Come and join with me and give Jesus the glory.
Come with me and tell everyone the Easter Story.
When we are sad and lonely, let's remember Jesus.
When the world is cruel, we must keep our Lord in us.

May we always let Jesus be in our heart forever.
May we get ourselves away from our Savior never.
So this Easter, let us sing heartfelt praises to Him.
So let us welcome Jesus, our Savior, again and again.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry