Ujamaa Christian Poetry

72 Hours

Many people have declared that after
death they would come out of the grave!!
Well for over 2,000 years no one
has done it, no matter how brave!!

That is why Jesus is who He is - He broke
the chains of death's mighty grip for all.
Our Savior in 72 hours died and rose from
the grave - the power of sin took a fall!

Jesus was and still is our sacrificed
Reedemer for all sinful mankind!
So this Easter let us join in with
saving faith and Jesus we will find!!

Hallellujah! Hallelljuah! Let us all come
together and praize our Savior's name!
Come everyone--rebirth is ours, a promise
by Jesus - we in the faith are all the same!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry