Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Life Is Not A Gamble

Satan will tell you that life at it's
very best is only a gamble.
He will tell you that things in
life are too hard to even handle.

What he is doing is trying to keep the
Lord's words away from your heart.
He doesn't want you to know what the
Lord desires-but Satan is not that smart.

For the Lord's words of truth and love
will prevail for all time - forever!
Don't let satan fool you because He
is really not all that cleaver.

Satan doesn't want you too think he
is the great, for all time deceiver.
But again I write that the Lord's love
inside of you will make you a believer.

Let us praize our one and only Master
Let us Praize Him every day.
Then life is not a gamble for we will be
on the Lord's pathway!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry