Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God's Love Saved Me - Not A Minute Too Soon

God's great love saved me not a minute too
soon for I was nearly lost forever to Him.
But, God reached down from Heaven and
He fortified me and got me going again!

Our lessons in life are sometimes hard
to learn and we can easliy get confused.
But the Lord will heal you when you feel
that you are alone, lost and also abused.

God is the one who settles all things in
Heaven and also, at times, this crazy Earth!
He is the Holy One but He still loves us
far, far,far much more than we are worth!

Praize The Lord for His compassion and His love
without it we wouldn't experience His Grace!!
We would be lost without Him and end up never
seeing His Most Holy Heavenly longed- for place!

I thank the Lord because He saved me not a
minute too soon--I am humble and reverent to say!!
The Lord can do the very same thing for you. So
seek Him out this very day!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry