Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Sometimes I'm My Own Worst Enemy

My Dear Friend, sometimes in this
world I'm my own worst enemy.
For I forget that the Lord
always loves me!

The I get feeling sad and aggravated
I say things that I should not!
I soon turn into a person that doesn't have the
Lord in my heart. I forget what I once sought.

Then a friend says to me "What's wrong with you?
You are acting like a stupid fool."
I think for a little while and say to the Lord;
"I'm not living by the golden rule"

The Lord calms me down and I soon get
back to feeling better and I praise His name.
I repent of my sins and tell the Lord;
"I know from where they came."

Dear friends, don't let yourselves be your
own worst enemy. Don't do that!
Remember, this world for us is only temporary
and we'll soon be where the Lord is at.

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry