Ujamaa Christian Poetry

F. Y. I.

For Your Information, just in
case you happen to not know.
There are many seeds for each
of us to start to sow.

That is how Jesus started His Ministry
it worked then--it will work now!
We are to tell others about salvation
and our Jesus has told us how.

It takes faith to do it and faith is given by
the Grace of God who leads us to His Son.
For when we accept Jesus, God's will for
us will begin and then it is forever done.

Then Holy Spirit will come into us and
teach us what we will do with salvation!
With the Lord in our hearts we can do it,
we can tell others in every situation!

So, For Your Information.just in case
you have not ever heard.
Jesus has told us to sow seeds of faith
and believe His every Word!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry