Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Don't Let Satan Shut You Down!

Dear Friends, Keep the faith -
don't let Satan shut you down.
Pray to the Lord and He will
turn Satan around.

The Lord cast out many demons
when He walked on this Earth!
Jesus spoke and the demons left.
that person felt a new birth.

Call upon the Lord's name, He will see us
through Satan's temptations of every kind.
The Lord is in charge of all things and His
Word will make Satan flee every time.

So, don't let Satan blind you to the truth,
or he could end up being your caretaker!
That will fatal to your soul, because
you will not be one with your maker.

I'm confident that if you cry out to the Lord;
"Help me! Save me!" He'll come to the rescue!
And Satan will leave you, you'll be free!
What I write to you is most certainly true!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry