Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Jesus Will Make You Feel Better

Jesus will make you feel better than a kid
with free tickets to the circus.
The reason why is because Jesus Christ
never stops loving us!

Of course a kid at the circus will have a
real good time, there is no doubt in that!
But Jesus makes us feel even better where-
ever we happen to be at.

Yes, Jesus has a way to reach into our hearts
and manifest love and then it will grow!
How can I write these words--it is because
it happened to me and I know!!!

It was not the circus or any other type of
entertainment that made me feel good inside.
It was from our Lord and Savior and Jesus
now is my Joy and Pride!

Take this poem for what you may, but it has
meaning why we find in Jesus comfort and
happiness and love.
So, if it has not sunk into your mind, heart,
and soul, read the verses again above!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry