Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Do Not Let The World Beat You!

If this mean old World knocks you down,
get back up and look for God's light!
God will have it glowing for you day
and all through the night.

You can't let the World turn you into
a weak pitiful human being!
Remember that God is all knowing
and also all seeing.

God has his eyes on each of us watching how
we handle what the World dishes out!
He is our Maker and He has promised to
help us get rid of Earthly desires and doubt!

You can not give up, if you do God won't
be able to help-for you have turned your
back on Him!
We have our free will and we must continue
to turn to God again, and again.
That is what this World is all about, it is full
of ups and downs, curves and detours!
Stay on course, stand up for God in all things
and everylasting life will be yours!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry