Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Want To Be God For A Day ?

Dear Friends, how would you like
to be God Almighty for a day?
I will write this, not me, I do not
want that --no possible way!

Some people though would jump up and
down at the chance.
But not me! Not any way, not by any
kind of circumstance.

But wait a moment, I just got a great
idea, maybe, maybe, I would!!
As a matter of fact, I would wipe the world
clean of those who don't do as they should!

Of course, I would be judge of that and there
could be a few minor mistakes made!
But I would be God so you either would
or would not cut the grade.

Hey, I am liking this too much, I have just
thought of some more things I would do.
I would run a tight ship and I would cut no
slack, I would send you to Hell if I wanted too.

No, no, no, that would never work out for me
or any one else--God Is God and that is It!!!!
God is God, our one and only God every day
for eternity, and He is not about to quit!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry