Ujamaa Christian Poetry

In Jesus Salvation Is Stored

Dear friends, only in Jesus is salvation
for everyone found and stored.
That is why He is our Savior and also
our friend and precious Lord.

You cannot buy salvation from anyone,
there is none to sell any way.
Salvation is a gift from God taken by
faith which will forever stay.

You cannot lend salvation to anyone either,
because it is something that you cannot borrow.
Once again I write, salvation is free but some
never seek it and that will be there sorrow!

By God's Grace we are saved by faith and called
to Him in that manner, that is God's perfect plan!
Salvation is stored in Jesus and through Him we
get to travel to the promised land.

So, don't look for salvation in any other place than
Jesus, for your search will end up in vain.
Remember my friend, when it comes to being saved
you must call on Jesus' name!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry