Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God Has His Reasons

I know God has His reasons for what He
does even though I do not understand them.
But some people won't accept that and they
soon turn against Him.

When you do that, then you are left at the World's
mercy and there is very little of it going on.
For the World cares not about you while you
are living or when you are dead and gone.

But God does care and that is why He lets things
happen in our lives so Spiritually we may grow.
It does not always seem that way but God is the
One that you must abide with and know!

I have wrestled with God over situations in my
life that I did not like one little bit!
But I never won a match; God's Will was always
done and sure enough I was better off for it!

God has His reasons and our simple minds will
never understand the how or the why.
But if you want to grapple with God Almighty
I write, save your energy--no need to even try!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry