Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God In Your 2004 Heart

Let us not turn the 2004 New Year into
our old ways of 2003.
Then we will have learned from the Lord
all about more love and victory!

We can over come bad habits if we have the
Lord on our side helping us stay from them.
For the Lord gives us all we need every time
over and over again!

Perhaps you still curse or have feelings of
jealousy about those who have plenty.
Yes, you want what they have and that is
no good for us--not any!

So, come now and pray with me that 2004
will be a year full of God's blessings, joy
hope and lots of love!
Then we will forget about 2003 which we
will be very far above.

Yes, let us bow our heads and thank God
for a brand New Year and a new start.
Praize His Holy name my friends and keep
Him deep within your 2004 heart!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry