Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Send Your Love This 2004

Dear friends, this New Year send
every one you know your Love.
It is the year 2004--tell your loved
ones it is them you think of.

It is always nice to get a phone call
from a loved one out of the clear blue sky.
But if it is the Lord's doing He is in your
heart and He is the reason why.

If there was no Lord there would be no love
to send to others this brand New Year!
Let us give praise to the Lord--He put the
love in the word 'DEAR'.

Let us remember also who it is that has put
the love in the World that had none.
Thanks be to our Lord for He shares his Love
with every body--not just some.

So, send your love to those who the Lord puts
into your heart this 2004 year.
They are the ones who need it the most for
they are so very, very dear!!!

Written by George Edward Noe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry