Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Jesus said, "You be holy as I am holy".
Is that possible, Lord, in this life?
I'm a human being with mind so lowly
And vexed daily with pain and strife.

It's too hard, this command of His,
A concept I can't wrap my mind around.
How can a human, who's not a whiz,
Understand it's meaning and abound?

How do you embrace it without seeming
A "know it all" with mind in the clouds
Totally unreal to those He is redeeming.
Dare I dig deeper and separate from the crowd?

It is painful, this reshaping
As He melts and molds this earthly clay.
A beautiful vessal He would making
If I allow Him to work in His own way.

Lord, You promised to finish what You started
When I gave You my life and my heart.
Help me to trust that Your goals won't be thwarted
As, each day, I yield just as I did at the start.

Elizabeth Elliot wrote, "God will never disappoint us. He loves us and has only one purpose
for us: holiness which, in His kingdom, equals joy".

Written by Geneva Poynter


Ujamaa Christian Poetry