Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Abusive Life

This poem tells a story,
And provides no excuse,
For a well known crime,
That's called child abuse.

I was slapped in the face,
And from the table I flew,
Most times I was beat,
Until black and blue.

When I got bad grades like an F or a D,
I'd sit in the schoolyard and cry,
I knew I'd be punished when I got home from school,
And I never understood why?

My sister and I would hide upstairs,
As my step dad and mother would fight,
Punch after punch my step dad would throw,
I wanted to run but where could I go?

My mother would call the police on him,
They would arrest him just for the night,
Next morning would find him back at the house,
Ready and willing to fight.

Yes I had a childhood of fears,
Lots of abuse and plenty of tears,
Not enough love, and plenty of hate;
To be an adult I just couldn't wait.

I grew up thinking I would be free.
But the spirit of abuse it followed me.
I was mean to my wife, and then I would leave,
One time I left on Christmas Eve.

I pray my children can find a way,
To break the cycle you see,
To be good parents and not be abusive,
And someday forgive their Daddy.

Now as my tears fall on this page.
I'll say goodbye to all the rage,
Cause Jesus now controls my life,
I finally love my kids and wife.

Now spirit of abuse I speak to you,
In the name of Jesus you are thru,
So get under my feet, and out of my face,
Return to the devil, cause hell is your place.

Written by Ernest Trussell


Ujamaa Christian Poetry