Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Hollywood man

One day I was walking through Hollywood,
When I came across this man,
He was talking to himself,
Pushing a plastic garbage can.

The first time that I passed him,
I turned my head away,
But God then spoke unto my heart,
Go talk to him today.

So I walked a little further,
Down the streets for just a spell,
I turned around and went back to the man,
For I had a story to tell.

I said, good morning how are you,
He said, I am just fine,
He said, I talk to myself cause I am lonely,
Not because I've lost my mind!

You see this garbage can I'm pushing,
It keeps the rain and weather off my clothes,
Most people don't ask me why I push it,
They turn their head and hike their nose.

I told him I was a poet,
And I was published in a book,
The title is the Christian poet,
Would you like to take a look?

He said, I'd sure like to own one of these.
Tell me what the cost is please?
I said, 5 dollars for the book,
Then he reached in his pocket to take a look.

Can you send me one later,
Oh wait, I must confess,
You can't send me a copy later,
For I have no dang address!

So I just blessed him with a book,
So he said I must bless you too,
He reached inside his garbage can,
I thought oh God, what's he gonna do?

He pulled his clothes and everything out,
Out of that plastic garbage can,
And when he got to the bottom,
He pulled out the prettiest knife in all the land.

He said, let me bless your son with this,
Now you guys have a wonderful day,
He just closed the lid to his garbage can,
And wondered on his way.

Written by Ernest Trussell


Ujamaa Christian Poetry