Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I stood outside the courtroom,
And this is what I saw,
They beat Jesus with a cat of nine tails,
Until his back was raw.

They dragged him into the courtroom,
Punched and smacked him in the face,
He was to become our sacrifice,
So in heaven you'd have a place.

They dressed Jesus in a purple robe,
Mocked him saying Hail, KING OF THE JEWS,
They spit in his face and cursed him,
With every action they intended to bruise,

Now Pilate found no fault in him,
But the crowd yelled CRUCIFY,
They put a crown of thorns upon his head,
Then they led him off to die.

I watched Jesus as he carried his cross,
He could barely stand on his feet,
But the crowd yelled CRUCIFY HIM NOW,
As they marched him down the street.

Then under the weight of that old rugged cross,
Jesus suddenly fell to his knees,
The centurion made SIMON carry his cross,
And he didn't even say, "PLEASE"!

It was a long march to GOLGOTHA,
On that hill so far away,
They layed Jesus on that cross,
Then I heard a soldier say,
Drive those spikes into his hands,
And the large spike into his feet,
I watched the BLOOD flow down the cross,
Oh his body was so weak.

They stood that cross in a hole they dug,
And Jesus hung between Earth and Sky,
He died for the sins of the Earth that day,
And salvation was the reason why.

Oh sinner don't turn back on him,
Receive his sacrifice while you still can,
Eternity hangs in the balance,
Please accept the SALVATION PLAN.

Written by Ernest Trussell


Ujamaa Christian Poetry