Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I feel a strange sensation
Stirring in my heart
I can feel that something big
Is just about to start

We Christians have been praying
For revival in the land
I now can sense the moving
Of God's Almighty Hand

Lost souls are all around us
The field's of harvest, white
We need to pray around the clock
For we must do this right

Pray ye without ceasing
I hear the Master's call
Remember children, for the lost
I did give My all

I am coming very soon
I hear the Saviour say
You have so very little time
Today could be the day

It's not my will that one should die
Lost souls now you must save
Revival in the land we need
God's Holy sweeping wave

Change my heart, oh Precious Lord
Help me now to see
Revival in the world today
And that it starts with me.

Written by S.R. Elwood


Ujamaa Christian Poetry