Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Such wondrous Love bestowed to man
Such selfless love, Salvation's Plan
Oh what a gulf the bridge does span,
This bridge Golgotha's Tree.

Such pain He suffered on this tree
As there He hung for you and me
As there His Blood flowed Pure and Free,
On this bridge Golgotha's Tree.

Such anguish felt through time and space
As God The Father turned His Face
From His Son who hung there in Our place,
On this bridge Golgotha's Tree.

And still this cross does stand today
In those God calls their all to lay
Down at its foot where Christ did pay,
The Price for all their sin.

All who hear the Spirit's Voice
Within their souls must make this choice
Choose life, call now with lifted voice,
Ask Jesus in your heart.

Before this bridge from so long ago
Where still God's Holy Blood Does Flow
Wash your sins now white as snow,
Such Love, Such Wondrous Love.

Written by S.R. Elwood


Ujamaa Christian Poetry