Ujamaa Christian Poetry


My soul knows not tomorrow
But this day is all I see
I can't see beyond the sunset
And the sunrise may not be.

I can't borrow from my yesterday's
I can't grab tomorrow's sun
But I know who holds my future
For I'm Blood Bought By God's Son.

I don't know if all the hours
Of this day twill yet be mine
But with Holy Blood upon my soul
Leaving soon will be just fine.

For as I leave this life behind me
And I walk through Glory's door
I'll be walking with my Jesus
Upon Heavens golden shore.

My hand within the Master's
As I walk through this old life
My hand upon the rugged cross
Where He Paid for sin and strife.

And as death gives way to victory
When on Heavens shore I stand
My hand still in the Master's
Eternal safe with Christ I AM.

Written by S.R. Elwood


Ujamaa Christian Poetry