Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Your life is what you make it
Nothing more and nothing less,
Be it fine and oh so grandeur
Or a bad disheveled mess.

No one can make you happy
No one can make you sad,
Tis but your own perception
That makes you sad or glad.

We worry much o'er things of waste
That we don't really need,
And suffer just within our heads
Because of selfish greed.

But if you turn your eyes away
From self and look around,
Many out there need your help
And they are easily found.

If happy you want your life to be
Then aid someone in need,
Then happy is your frame of mind
For your unselfish deed.

So choose each day when you get up
Just what you wish to be,
Happy? Sad? Or all stressed up?
Give help and you'll be free.

The very best that we can give
Is that for Jesus Christ we live,
That in the way we live our life
We ease 'Other's' pain and strife.

For this life is not 'bout us
So why the worry and the fuss?
Give yourself a gift today
Find one in need and give away.

Written by S.R. Elwood


Ujamaa Christian Poetry