Ujamaa Christian Poetry

"In The Light Of Love"

I'm living in the light of your love
Breathing in the air of your mercy
Awed by the power of your grace
So every thought is full of thank you

It's not annoying that I have these feelings
What is strange is that I was blind for so long
I took for granted the change of seasons
Each rising and setting of the sun was so mundane

Yet you in your compasion opened my eyes
For so long I was brilliant in my ignorance
Yet you've taught me even I am a miracle
And true knowledge is fear of the Lord

You have made the universes
You have seperated the seas
You who hold all life in your hands
You who only has to speak it so

You've show us special love from the beginning
For you made and shaped us with your own hands
Then with gentle greatness gave us the breath of life
Hence we became living souls offsprings of you

Written by Robert Earl Green


Ujamaa Christian Poetry