Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Farewell to A Dear Friend

I just wrote an old friend of mine
Who hangs out a few miles from here,
To find out about some Anderson Clan
That lives up over there.

I'd heard they was a monstrous bunch,
Nine of 'em to be exact,
And they was plannin' on packin' up
And headin' for my side of the track.

But my buddy said I'd been misinformed
And wrote to tell me so.
He said five of the nine was out on they're own
And now it's just Maw, Paw, Jimmy and Joe.

He also told me I needn't worry
He'd housed 'em for 20 years.
And though they'd had some rowdy days,
There's really nothing to fear.

He closed by sayin' he was down right proud
To have had 'em within his doors.
Then my buddy done signed off for good…
7708 West North Shore.

Well now, I guess it's my turn to house 'em
And see if I can handle the chore.

Written by Dennis W. Anderson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry