Ujamaa Christian Poetry

7708 North Shore

The first day you stepped within my doors
To call me all your own,
There were only seven of you,
Five of which were not fully-grown.

Later, two more were added
And you found that was more than enough.
I was hoping and praying that you'd end it there,
For my bricks can only hold so much.

The children were such darlings…ha, ha
And they kept me well entertained.
With all of their screaming and running around,
How did they wind up so well trained?

But soon the schooling began
Early one day in the fall.
From kindergarten at Ebinger
To graduation from St. Paul.

And it was during the fall of '75
That Dad came up with quite a plan:
"Let's go into debt for the rest of our lives,
So that twenty feet we can expand!"

So, down went my old back porch
And down came that big old tree.
And up went a new addition
That all of the neighbors came to see.

Tom, you must have been proud
Of the job, when it was complete.
All of my UN-level walls
Dressed up so pretty and neat.

But let's not dwell on this and
Instead, speak of Paddy for a while.
For here, there is quite a story
Of a heart that you could stretch for miles.

She went back to school three years ago
Studying to become an RN.
Her family supported her in every way
Encouraging her right to the end.

Oh yes, I remember the tears
The anger, frustration and pain.
But that was where her family stepped in
And encouraged her through these strains.

And now I see her triumph!
She will graduate this May.
She has reached her goal of goals
To work as a nurse for pay.

I am proud and truly honored
To have her within my doors
My name as I'm sure you've guessed is
7708 W. North Shore.

Written by Dennis W. Anderson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry