Ujamaa Christian Poetry

A Toast To My Dad and His New Bride

Miss Mae, my Dad is a courageous and exciting man,
Who finds life a magnificent adventure.
But he is also a quiet and humble man
Of wholesome and simple pleasures.

You'll nod your head thoughtfully when Dad shares his beliefs
'Cause he responded when Jesus said, "Take up my yoke."
And occasionally you'll shake your head in disbelief
When he forgets the punch line of every single joke.

When he's happy, you'll know it by the warmth of his smile
And when he's tired, he won't hide it or try to pretend.
In a room full of guests, he'll just turn off all the lights
And says good night and head off to bed.

If you're not one who likes to share chores, I suggest…
Run from Dad if he asks you to bring him his bucket.
But Mae, if you're ever in need of a proven hero,
Run to my Dad arms…I promise, you won't regret it.

Here's a perfect example that should speak volumes
About the character of the man by your side:
He spent 34 years in a profession where he willingly
Would risk everything to save another's life.

You see he's a man who puts others before himself
And will love and protect you through good times and bad.
He's my Daddy, my mentor, Papa Tom to my children
And he's the best friend that I've ever had.

My heart broke for you Dad, into a thousand pieces
When we lost Mom on that fateful day.
But today my heart sings for you with infinite joy
For fate leading you to someone so lovely as Mae.

I salute you Dad, for being my hero,
A man I have so poorly tried to imitate.
And I honor you Mae, for being the woman
So richly blessing my Dad's life as his mate.

So, now that you're married and starting your journey
And have shared your vows and committed your hearts,
A Toast:
Dad and…Mom, may your worst days together
Be better than your best days apart.

Written by Dennis W. Anderson


Ujamaa Christian Poetry