Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Last Sunset

When the last sunset fades into darkness
And this troubled world sinks into sleep,
When the last soul is saved and the Master
Says, "Father, that's all we can reach" ...

'Twill be like on the cross ("It is finished!")
And all the rejoicing is done
That is given by angels in Heaven
For the salvation of anyone.

No more souls to be saved, 'it is finished',
No more pleading and no more debate -
So the peace, always asked for, is silenced
By men who are full of hate.

But the trusting souls gone on to glory
Will live, one eternal day,
In the presence and love of the Savior;
Prince of Peace, who led all the way.

When the last Sunset comes in the evening,
Then the morning will break bright and fair.
Jesus, our friend and our brother,
Will greet us with His tender care.

When the morning breaks forth and
The splendor of Heaven is there, in full view,
I'll be watching, dear brother and sister.
With Jesus, we'll watch for you!

Written by Joan Clifton Costner


Ujamaa Christian Poetry