Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Welcome Home

I always loved to come back home
When, for awhile, I had to roam;
To hear the laughter and the news,
To feel the kiss ~ I'd get a few.

There was the hearty, "Welcome Home!",
The arms around ~ the blood my own.
I guess I thought it would remain,
Like seasons come and go, the same.

I thought, perhaps, I'd spend some time
On that old porch and walk the line;
Welcoming home those called away,
When they returned some sunny day.

...But.... when I came and saw your chair
All empty, just your lap throw there,
My heart caught in my throat so tight!
I chided myself for times I'd slight.

I didn't realize, 'til now,
Or cherish (and I should know how) ...
For many evenings in the sun
We'd sit and talk; harmonize some.

Now things are changed forevermore,
"Welcome Home," heard on a distant shore;
Where bands of angels sing their praise
And everyone lives in the night-less days.

This place where I heard, "Welcome Home!"
I realize now was just a loan
A practice place, where I learned to love,
And prepare for a welcome up above.

It was good to hear you say the words.
But, I know the sweetest voice I've ever heard
Will one day welcome me home, too.
Our hearts will entwine like they used to do.

Oh, hope, divine; eternity's call!
We don't grieve here, for He gave His all.
He paid the price; bought eternity
To share and shout, "Welcome Home!" to me.

Written by Joan Clifton Costner


Ujamaa Christian Poetry