Ujamaa Christian Poetry

When You Volunteer to Pray

If you say you'll pray for someone,
Better check it out real fast.
Were they sure attending church, somewhere?
Can you rely on who you asked?

Are they saved? Are they sanctified?
Is the Holy Spirit there?
Can you discern Him freely
In their very needful prayer?

Is it their fault they're o'ertaken by
This illness or disease?
You make sure before you call out
And pray for one of these.

In the Bible, I remember,
Jesus prayed for one whose eyes
Never saw the light of dawning
And was told to great surprise ...

That it was no fault of anyone.
It was to glory God.
Now, isn't that a strange way,
When so many raise the rod?

And I don't believe the woman
Jesus spoke to, at the well,
Would really be a worthy one.
(Surely, One so wise could tell.)

Now, about adultery,
The woman OR the man ...
Better let them clean a little bit,
Before you take their hand.

Beloved, we're not judges
And we can't discern the way
God patiently deals with us
As He leads us, day by day.

I don't need to have the details,
But I'll say the prayer I feel,
And Jesus, in His mercy, will
Reach out ~ a soul to heal!

When I suffer and I'm lying
With the dust right in my face,
When my tears are flowing freely
And my life feels so disgraced ...

Then, I know I have a "Paraclete"
That's parallel to me;
Suffering all my anguish
'Til the Light of Hope I see.

His work in me brings forth the gold
That matches Heaven's face
And it's all because, in direst need,
My Savior took my place!

Written by Joan Clifton Costner


Ujamaa Christian Poetry