Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Night

Into the night I walk; no moon or starlight,
No lower lights or lighthouse on a hill,
No beams directing through this deep dark valley,
No visuals to say, "My heart, be still ..."

The road I''ve never tread before, is mine - at such a time!

I can illume a scanty dozen feet;
I cannot tell, along the way I travel
If friend or enemy it is I meet.

But, there is warmth within my hand. My Savior
Holds fast, His fingers twined within my own.
So, even if on broken path I stumble,
I know He''ll never ever let me go alone!

I walk with Him, Who knows my failures,

And, even though I cannot see His face,
I'd rather have His hand in mine, in darkness,
Than go alone in some fair brighter place.

I trust Him in the deepest darkest valley

And, if the sun shines on us, brighter day.
I'll trust Him then ~ it will not be a problem
Since we, in darkness, tread a safe sure way!

Written by Joan Clifton Costner


Ujamaa Christian Poetry