Ujamaa Christian Poetry

God's Hands

God reached inside of my soul

Turned back to previous pages in my heart that was slightly frayed at the edges

Touched the lines of something silent, quietly verbalized but never written

He lifted them gently off of the thin manuscript of my emotions

Softly He moved the weight from my mind

Looking at a balled sheet of paper that had been discarded recently

He instructed an angel to restore it from the recycle bin of human unkindness

He poured my thoughts on that crumpled document

Instantly that angel began some heavenly transcription

Leisurely God smoothed out this file

He began to slowly rebuild by replacing the encrypted with His own text

Copying and pasting His image unto the passages

He sat back and looked thoroughly at the contents of this new book He made

Satisfied with His results, God's Hands opened

He revealed a supernatural volume of poetry for me to keep

Written by Colette D. Jones


Ujamaa Christian Poetry