Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Psalmist Says

Forgetting that I am human, I attempt to wade through the planet's muck and mire
In spite of my best efforts, I easily tire
Psalmist Says: 23: 2-3

In the middle of the night
My tears fall and I wonder if everything will be alright
Psalmist Says: 30:5

People in my life
Instead of helping, purposely they bring strife
Psalmist Says: 37:1-6

There are so many pressures surrounding me
Issues overwhelm, threatening my sanity
Psalmist Says: 46:1-2

Sometimes my concerns will creep
Into my mind right as I try to go to sleep
Psalmist Says: 27: 1-7

All of this stuff that people are putting me through
I don't know what else to do
Psalmist Says: 18:1-3

I've been doing wrong
For so long
Psalmist Says: 51: 1-3, 10-11

I really thought I could depend
Upon this person that I at times considered more than a friend
Psalmist Says: 118:8

Inside I yearn
To move but I am confused and don't know which way to turn
Psalmist Says: 119:133

Feeling alone
Bewildered with struggling to handle things on my own
Psalmist Says: 121: 1-2

So many crazy events occurring in the world today
It makes me question can I really avoid being in harm's way
Psalmist Says 91: 1-6, 14-16

I can't believe what just took place
I survived by some kind of miracle or saving grace
Psalmist Says: 100: 1-6

The longer I live, I have found
That I need to keep my feet firmly on solid ground
Psalmist Says: 1: 1-6

Psalmist Says

Written by Colette D. Jones


Ujamaa Christian Poetry