Ujamaa Christian Poetry


The Father Had To Turn,
From His Only Son.
The Father Had To Turn,
So The Battle Could Be Won.

All Of Heaven Watched In Silence,
As Jesus Shouted Out,
"Why Have You Forsaken Me"?
As Hell Jumped All About.

Not A Sound Was Made,
In Heaven On This Day.
Not A Sound Was Made,
With These Words That He Did Say.

Hell... Yes They Were Laughing,
In Such Great Delight,
For They Thought That It Was Satan,
Who Had Won The Fight.

The Angels Yes Were Silent,
While On The Cross He Died.
The Demons Shouted Out,
As Satan Glowed With Pride.

He Thought That It Was Finished,
With These Words That Jesus Said.
Yes Jesus Took One Last Breath,
Then Jesus Hung His Head.

What Satan Did Not Know,
Is That The Tables Soon Would Turn.
What Satan did Not Know,
But Yes He Soon Would Learn.

The Demons How They Shouted,
"Hail To Our Lord"!
The Demons Yes They Shouted,
Yes How They Did Roar.

Thinking Jesus Was Defeated,
Bringing Him To His Knees,
Then Jesus Appeared In Hades,
And Striped Away The Keys!

All The Saints Of Old,
Each One Was Called By Name.
Hell Yes Now Was Silent,
And Would Never Be The Same.

All Of Heaven Praised,
Lifting Worship To The King!
For Jesus Had Won The Battle,
It Was The Angels Turn To Sing.

At The Right Side Of His Father,
He Set Upon The Throne.
Yes It Now Was Finished,
For He Was Back At Home.

The Demons Hung Their Heads,
For They Knew That They Had Lost.
A Burning Fire Forever,
Is The Price That It Would Cost.

So Which Side Will You Follow,
Which Side Will You Choose.
Will You Shout In Victory?
Or Will You Decide To Lose?

Written by Cathy Jo Moore


Ujamaa Christian Poetry