Ujamaa Christian Poetry

I'll Shout It

I'll Shout It From The Hill Tops,
I'll Shout It In The Streets
That Jesus Is Alive In Me
And To Me He Is So Sweet!

I'll Shout It While I'm Working
And Also Hard At Play.
I'll Shout It In The Morning
And All... Throughout The Day.

I'll Shout It That I Love Him
And That He Loves Me Too!
I'll Shout It To My Neighbors
Yes... I'm Shouting It To You!

I'll Shout It That He's Worthy,
He's Worthy Of My Praise.
I'll Shout How Much I Love,
I Love Him Awesome Ways!

I'll Shout It That He's Changed,
He's Changed So Very Much,
Within This Life Of Mine,
With His Gentle Touch!

No, I Just Can't Help It,
I Can't Control Myself,
For I've Got To Shout It,
I Can't Just Leave It On A Shelf.

I Know That I'll Shout It,
Everywhere I Go.
I'll Shout To Tell The World,
He Is The Closest Friend I Know!

He Is So Very Faithful.
He's Always At My Side,
So, I've Got To Shout It,
For These Fillings I Can't Hide.

If He Lives Inside Of You,
Then I'm Sure You Will Agree
That We All Must Shout It
And Tell The World That He,

That So Soon He's Coming Back,
To Take His Bride Away!
So Yes, I've Got To Shout It,
Right Up To The Day,

The Day That He Returns,
To Take Us To That Place.
For Sure I Will Shout It,
Till The Day I See His Face,

But I Know That This
Is Not Where My Shouting Stops,
For Then I Know I'll Shout It,
From Heaven's Mountains Tops!

It's All Because He Died
Upon That Cross For Me,
So I've Got To Shout It
And Will... For All Eternity!!!

Written by Cathy Jo Moore


Ujamaa Christian Poetry