Ujamaa Christian Poetry


Far Away Beyond The Stars,
There Is Place So Bright.
Where All Do Live In Comfort,
In A Glorious Light.

They Say That The Streets,
They Are Paved In Pure Gold.
Where The Flowers Sing Sweet Praises,
To A Mighty King, I Am Told.

There Are Mansions Big And Beautiful,
Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.
From The Floor Up To The Ceiling,
Yes Each And Every Beam.

That They Are Laced In The Finest,
With Each And Every Jewel.
Yes They Do Sound Wonderful,
They Sound So Very Cool.

The Animals Yes They Talk,
They Communicate With Man.
The Lion Lays So Peaceful,
Beside The Little Lamb.

The Waters Are So Pure And Clear,
Like Crystal, Yes Like Glass.
It's Like Walking On Soft Pillows,
When You Walk On The Grass.

There Is A Throne So Magnificent,
That Stands So Great And Tall.
Upon It Sits A King,
Who Is Watching Over All.

Now All Of This Sounds Wonderful,
Yes Sounds So Very Grand,
But This King He Is The Reason,
That We Can Now Live In This Land.

So You Can Have The Mansions,
For This Is Not My Prayer.
Living At His Feet,
Is My Only Care.

It Is All That I Can Think About,
When It Comes To Arriving Home.
With My Eyes On Jesus,
Away From Him I Will Never Roam.

Looking Into His Eyes,
For All Of Eternity.
Looking Into His Eyes,
Will Be All The Heaven That I Need.

Written by Cathy Jo Moore


Ujamaa Christian Poetry