Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Master Artist

The Beauty Of A Water Fall.
A Sun Set On An Ocean Wide.
A Bird Who Sings Sweet Verses
And An Awesome Mountain Side.

All Painted By The Master,
The Master's Mighty Hand.
He's The Artist Of All Artists
And For Sure I Know He Can,

He Can Paint A Picture,
That Will Take Your Breath Away.
Like The Morning Dew On Flowers,
At The Start Of A New Day.

The Beauty Of A Star Filled Sky.
The Moon Shinning Oh So Bright.
This Can Surly Touch Ones Heart,
In The Stillness Of The Night.

The Beauty Of A Sea Shore
When The Waves Come Crashing In.
And Oh I Can't Forget That Smile,
Upon Your Face My Friend.

The Master Knew What He Was Doing,
With His Brush In Hand.
The Beauty Of Another Day,
With So Much Within His Plan.

The Master Knew What He Was Doing,
When He Painted All To See.
The Beauty Of A Sky So Blue.
The Sun Shinning Down With Glee.

The Master Knew What He Was Doing,
When He Created Us.
To Think That He Did This,
Just By Using Dust.

The Beauty Of A Forrest,
And The Sounds That It Can Make.
How Tress And Clouds Will Sparkle,
Upon A Mirrored Lake.

The Master Knew What He Was Doing,
When He Created All
And To Think This Can't Compare,
To Where One Day He Will Call,

Call His Bride That Loves Him,
Yes, All Those Who Believe,
To This Place He's Building,
How We Can't Wait To See.

For We Have Heard Stories
That's Brought Us All To Tears,
About This Place He Is Preparing,
Been Preparing Two Thousand Years.

To Think This Only Took Him,
It Took Him Just Six Days.
I Know With Heaven We Will Be,
So Astonished, So Amazed!

Written by Cathy Jo Moore


Ujamaa Christian Poetry