Ujamaa Christian Poetry


His Mission Was To Walk This Earth,
And Teach A Love So True.
A Love You Will Not Know,
Unless He Lives Inside Of You.

This Love That He Will Pour Out,
Nothing Can Compare;
For This Love It Is So Mighty,
This Love That He Does Share.

It Can Take The Weakest,
And Make Them Strong And Bold.
Fill Them With Such Happiness,
If With Him They Walk This Road.

This Love, You Can Find It,
Only In One Place.
This Love That Is So Grand,
That Nothing Can Erase.

For If This Love Is In You,
You Can't Help, But To Know It.
This Love, It Is So Great,
You Can't Help, But To Show It.

Now You Can Love Your Husband,
And You Can Love Your Wife,
But Unless You Love The Lord;
Have You Found The Love Of Your Life.

Yes, You May Love Your Children,
With All Your Heart And Soul,
But If You Don't Love Jesus,
Then Awesome Love, You Do Not Know.

It Can Take Away Your Breath,
When You Least Expect It.
If This Love Is In You,
How Brightly You'll Reflect It.

Sometimes It Does Get Hard,
To Hold It Deep Within.
So If You Know His Love,
Share It With All Friends.

Show Others What They're Missing,
So They Too Can Find...
This Love So Great And Mighty,
The Greatest Love Of All Time!

Written by Cathy Jo Moore


Ujamaa Christian Poetry