Ujamaa Christian Poetry


I Had A Dream Many Years Ago
About The King That So Many Know.
He Was The Size Of The Entire Sky;
Yes, He Stood So Mighty High.

Multitude Stood Side By Side;
His Arms To Us Were Opened Wide.
I Was Pushing My Way Through The Crowd
And Screaming Out So Very Loud,

Told You He Would Come For Us!"
I Hope Your Ready For It Is A Must.
Now At The Time When I Had This Dream
How Strange To Me It Would Seem,

For At The Time I Knew Him Not;
Yes, My Sins, They Were A Lot.
And This Dream I Soon Forgot,
For From My Mind He Did Blot.

But Then One Day I Asked Him In;
Yes, I Became Born-Again.
Then This Dream It Came To Me;
And So Clearly I Did See.

The Reason He Stood So Mighty Tall-
It Symbolized His Power Over All.
Oh, How Precious This Dream Was Then,
For It Hit Me- They Were Born Again!

For With This Dream He Was Telling Me
I Would Live, Yes, To See...
For In A Twinkle Of An Eye,
We Will Rise So Very High!

Yes, In My Heart I Know What He Meant
With This Dream That He Sent,
For To This Day I Still Repeat
Over And Over To Everyone I Meet:

"Are You Ready To Be Glorified?
Are You Ready? Are You His Bride?
Will You Attend The Wedding Feast
Or Left Behind For The Hour Of The Beast?"

Written by Cathy Jo Moore


Ujamaa Christian Poetry