Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Body Of Christ

Some Of Us Are Profits
And Some Of Us Are Preachers.
Some Of Us Are Poets
And Some Of Us Are Teachers.

Some Of Us Are Warriors,
Who Fight Down On Our Knees.
What We Want The Most,
Is Our Lord We Want To Please!

All Of Us Have Gifts,
In Which We Use To Lift His Name.
Yes, All Of Us Have Gifts,
But Not All Are The Same.

Some Have The Gift Of Giving
For They Always Want To Share.
Some Have The Gift Of Lifting
Others... Up In Prayer.

Some Have A Gift To Listen,
When Others Are In Need.
Some Fight The Prince Of Darkness.
The Blood Of Jesus They Do Plead.

Some Shout In The Streets,
For You Can Hear Them Far Away!
Some Will Pass Out Bibles
Walking Miles Everyday.

All Of Us Together,
We Are Our Saviors Hands And Feet.
Yes, We So Adore Him,
For To Us He Is So Sweet.

There Is Nothing We Won't Do,
If Upon Us He Does Call,
We Were Taken Out Of Darkness,
For He Has Saved Us All!

We Love Him With A Love,
A Love So Very True,
For He Is Our Mighty King
And There's Nothing We Won't Do,

Do For Him, If He Ask,
Right Up To Our Death,
For We Are His Body
He's The One Who Gives Us Breath!

We Know Him In A Way,
That The World Can't Understand.
We Talk Of Him Both Day And Night,
All Because He Is So Grand!

Now You May Call Us Freaks,
But We Don't Mind A Bit,
For We Know Our Mighty Savior,
Who On His Throne Does Sit.

He Lives Within Our Heart,
Oh How He Loves Us So
And Soon The Day Is Coming,
When With Him We Will Go.

Many Then... They Will See
That We Were Oh So Right,
For Right Before Their Very Eyes,
We Will Vanish Out Of Sight!

Written by Cathy Jo Moore


Ujamaa Christian Poetry