Ujamaa Christian Poetry


There are many religions in the world today
Each one telling us their the right way

Catholies, Jewish, Protestant, too
Which one is the right one
for me and you

Some say good works out weigh our bad
Others say water baptism is the way isn't
it sad

Than again obey the law it is good
We would do it if we could

Baptist, Methodist, Mormons too
All try to tell what to believe and do

Which way do we go who do we believe
Jesus Christ said it's Him we must believe
and recieve

He said He is the only way
We must seek Him when we pray
He is the bread of life let Him feed
your soul today

Jesus is the Son of God who came down
from heaven above
He came into this world of ours to show us
the Fathers love

He was born in a manger a babe you see
He came to die for you and me
They whipped Him and beat Him they
lead Him up Calvary

They hung Him on a cross with nails pounded
through His hands and feet
This He did once and will never repeat

He did this all for you and me so we could
come to Him and not be lost
For Him His life it cost

They buried Him in a tomb you see
But He didn't stay there No-SIR-E

He rose again don't you see
He's alive in heaven for all eternity

So come to him if you want Eternal Life
You can be His bride and one day soon
become His wife

Written by Bonnie L. Fry


Ujamaa Christian Poetry