Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Worthy Of Praise

Worthy of honor, Glory, and praise.
I exalt thy, be magnified, Amazing is your Grace.

Ever so faithful, your love endures forever.
Mighty and merciful. My sunshine after stormy weather.

Fallen on my knees, broken in your presence.
In essence, overwhelmed by your magnificent.

Lover of my soul. My strength and guiding light.
Nourished by your word. And seeds drop in my spirit to write.

My fortress and refuge. My shield in which I trust and obey.
Direct my steps. I raise my voice and surrender my will and my way.

Your love is agape, the joy and rejoicing of my heart.
My freedom from bondage. Redeemed, sanctified, and set apart.

My King Of Kings. With hunger I diligently seek thy.
You are worthy. My Lord you are worthy.

Written by Enrique A. Bench


Ujamaa Christian Poetry