Ujamaa Christian Poetry


After the Church has left this earth,
And the 'antichrist' presents himself
To those who didn't believe God's Word
Before there are things that you should
Know that will help you to hold on
Till the man of sin will face his just reward.

A 'worthless shepherd' will come forth
He'll bring down fire with a fearful force,
He'll even fool the wise, with his fake death
And his fake rise, don't be fooled by his
Smooth talk he's still evil and he'll be
Found out he is not the Messiah that
You're waiting for.

When things get bad this man will shine
He'll make you 'believe' that he's divine,
Till he walks into the temple of the Lord,
He will desecrate God's house
That's when the masses will begin to doubt
But by then he will be ruler of the world.

For seven long years he'll reign supreme
With a fist of iron, he'll rule earthly things
And the leaders of the world will bow to
Him but the 'elect' will not be fooled
They've come to 'believe' that Christ will rule
And this hope will sustain them
To the end.

Now! This is just an overview, of what will
Happen in that day, for I've left out all the
'Judgements' that will come, if you accept the
Lord right now, He will surely bring you 'out'
And you'll be 'caught up' with
His Church God's Holy ones.

Revelation 9:11
"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit,
whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath
his name Apopllyon."

Written by Betty J. Banks


Ujamaa Christian Poetry