Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Simply Speaking

I'm Saved because I Truly Believe
That Jesus is God's Son.
Conceived by the Holy Spirit,
A Virgin Mary His mom
He died upon a wooden cross
And he rose on Sunday morn
He took the keys of hell from Satan
And that is why I'm Sealed and Saved.

Heaven is my gift from God for believing
In His Son I'm Justified Jesus saw to that
I Submit to His will daily
The Holy Spirit My Comforter He helps me to obey
When I face God at the Judgment Seat
And my works are tried and tested
I long to hear the Lord say
Well Done!

You don't believe because you're saved.
You're saved because you believe.

Romans 10:13
"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

Written by Betty J. Banks


Ujamaa Christian Poetry