Ujamaa Christian Poetry

"Different Tunes"

Mustard seeds were sown on good and solid
Then along came the winds and blew some away
And they settled beyond the bounds
Well! Time passed by and
Lo! and behold, a giant tree came forth
People were stunned to see such a sight
Sprouting OUT FROM Jeru'salem
The branches were large and birds of all kinds
Crouched in their nests
Singing and preaching diverse thoughts
And pounding on their chest

Who would have supposed that a little seed
That was planted to become a bush, would some how spread
Out of control and become
'The' podium for birds to sit!
Some of the birds used the branches to confuse and deceive,

The bitter herbs were fed to the masses
Gathered around the tree
The few good birds who shared the huge tree
Their words fell on deaf ears
For most of the crowd were listening to
The 'dirty birds' nestled there

The wheat and the tares the good and the bad
They're all trying to be heard but,
No one 'has' a great desire to receive 'Gods' inspired Word

A bird is a bird and it's heard to tell
The Children of the kingdom from the
Children of hell so they'll all keep on
Sitting in the 'Christendom' tree till
the 'kingdom of heaven comes' down
This time He'll be wearing His crown

Matthew 13:38
"The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the
kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;"

Written by Betty J. Banks


Ujamaa Christian Poetry