Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Thank You Lord For Forgiving A Sinner

Lord you know the wrong I've done
For my sins you sent your only Son
By many I've been cast out and forsaken
But I know you Lord find me worth taken

Lord I wish I had known before
You were what I was searching for
I gave my time and love to many
But now I stand alone without any

Lord I need you so much
I am longing for your gentle touch
To make me clean within
To erase the stains of my sins

For too long I've been on the wrong path
My sins have left a terrible aftermath
Only you can set me free
With you is where I long to be

Lord I know you hear my prayer
Even now you are taking me there
Before you on my knees I bow
I repent of my sins before you now

I know you will forgive and forget
With you Lord I will have no regrets
With you Lord I am a winner
Thank you Lord for forgiving a sinner

Written by Patricia Bankhead


Ujamaa Christian Poetry